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Mount LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park -- and LeConte Lodge which sits atop the mountain -- are special places to anyone who has hiked up LeConte and visited the Lodge. 

Those of us who worked at LeConte Lodge have a special love affair with the mountain and the Lodge and a special bond with each other.  This site provides a place for us to share our love of the mountain and our special bond.




Joe Schlatter (b. 1944) and his brother John (b. 1950) both worked at LeConte Lodge during the 1960's while the Lodge was owned by Herrick and Myrtle Brown.  This section of the Schlatter family website is a collection of some of our photos and recollections of the Lodge, supplemented by photos from some of the folks who worked at the Lodge with us.


LeConte Lodge Site Table of Contents

Photo album
Brief history of LeConte Lodge
 Joe's LeConte stories
Reverend A. Rufus Morgan 
Gracie McNicol: 244 times up LeConte
 Links to other sites
LeConte Lodge in winter
LeConte Llama Wrangler Retires After Ten Years
(Nov 2011)
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