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Thanks for visiting our family web site.
We are Rose and Joe Schlatter -- this is our family website.
We add material to this site from time to time -- you're welcome to visit any time.  

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Rose Golden and Joe Schlatter met in college at Jacksonville State College (now University), Jacksonville, Alabama.  We were married 30 July 1966.  Rose was a high school English teacher for 35 years.  As a result of moving 23 times in 28 years because of Joe's military service, Rose taught in public, private, and parochial schools in the US, Taiwan, and Japan.  Joe went on active duty with the Army immediately upon graduation in 1967 and served 28 years, retiring from the Army in the rank of Colonel, April 1995.  We have two children -- twins -- Joe and Stephanie, born in Germany in 1968.  This website contains more information about us, our families, and our many adventures together. --

We add new information to this website from time to time, not on any regular schedule.

Photos of August 21, 2017 solar eclipse

The August 21, 2017 solar eclipse was clearly visible from our home in Northumberland County, VA.  Here are three photos.


Photos of our grandchildren -- removed

We have two grandsons.  As of September 2016, I have removed from this site all identifying data for them including photos.

Sorry I have to do this as I'm really proud of them, however, there are too many sick weirdoes out there who prey on little kids.

Finished and moved in -- July 2008!!

Follow the progress as we build our new home in Virginia.
Click on the link to watch as we build our new house in Virginia -- the last house we tried to build -- on the Mississippi Gulf Coast -- was lost to Hurricane Katrina, 29 August 2005, in Waveland, Mississippi.


Our Experience with Hurricane Katrina

In January 2005 we moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and in late July 2005 we started construction on our new home.  Click on this link to follow the progress of that house.  We were acting as our own general contractor -- this section of our site has photos, explanations, and details of the new house.  On  29 August 2005 -- Hurricane Katrina changed everything.  See below.

Hurricane Katrina knocked us down but not out -- photos and our story here.

On 29 August 2005, Hurricane Katrina wiped out our plans.  We were living in an apartment in Bay Saint Louis, MS; building a house in Waveland, MS; our personal property was in a storage facility in Pass Christian, MS. 

While most of the attention to Katrina's destruction was focused on New Orleans, the fact is that the Mississippi Gulf coast was destroyed by Katrina. 

  • The towns of Waveland and Pass Christian simply do not exist anymore -- almost every structure in these two towns was destroyed -- not just damaged but destroyed completely. 

  • Bay Saint Louis was heavily and extensively damaged but, because it was higher in elevation, Bay Saint Louis was not as totally destroyed as Waveland and Pass Christian. 

We lost almost everything we owned -- we were able to salvage a bed, a table, six chairs, and our dishes -- everything else we owned was destroyed.     Follow this link for photos of what Katrina did to us.

In mid-October we moved back to East Tennessee 2005 where we stayed while deciding what to do next. 


Decision:  We will not return to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

As of 20 July 2006, we have sold our lot in Waveland, Mississippi, and decided that we will not return to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, except to visit family who are re-building.  This was not an easy decision.  We spent 28 years in the Army, moving around the country and the world.  In 1996 we moved to Bristol, TN, where we lived for eight years before moving to Bay Saint Louis, MS, in January 2005.  We can say without qualification that Bay Saint Louis was the best place we ever lived and we were totally happy with our decision to move and settle there.

This decision was not easy -- we made friends on the Gulf Coast; the lifestyle was comfortable and welcoming; and, we were building the house we had dreamed of for 20 years or more.  We took a serious financial loss -- insurance paid for our lost household goods but the building materials and other items we had purchased for the new home were not covered by builder's risk insurance (which excludes hurricanes from coverage) and we lost close to $60,000 of materials we had pre-paid -- that's $60,000 cash that we cannot recover.

Our decision was based on two concerns:  (1)  The Gulf Coast -- even with a maximum effort and all the luck in the world -- will never again be what it was when we moved there; and, (2) there is no certainty that another Katrina will not take the rest of what we have -- and we are too old to start over a second time.

So -- as of June 2007 we are still living in an apartment in Knoxville, TN.  We have decided to settle either in coastal northeastern North Carolina, or, in the upper Shenandoah Valley near New Market, VA.  We plan to travel to these areas several times during the summer of 2007 and look for property.


Found a home.

This is the latest installment in the saga of our wanderings after being wiped out by Hurricane Katrina.  After Katrina -- 29 August 2005 -- we moved (fled, actually) to Knoxville, TN, where Joe's parents lived.  Shortly after we arrived in Knoxville, Joe's father had a stroke and died after a month, in November 2005.  A few months later Joe's mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  She lived for seven months and died in March 2007.  We then set about cleaning and renovating her house and settling her estate.  By the first of June 2007 the house was sold and the estate was in probate -- we then started looking for place to settle.

In the fall of 2007 we decided to settle on the Virginia Northern Neck.  We purchased a lot between the villages of Heathsville and Burgess, Virginia, and rented a house in Wicomico Church, VA.  As of the end of December 2007, we are working with a builder to develop a house plan and we hope to start building in March 2008.

Update:  May 2008:  We are moving right along with construction on our new home on the Virginia Northern Neck.  Click on this link to follow our progress.



In Memoriam:
Annie Lee Richardson Schlatter
1924 - 2007

My mother died on 18 March 2007 after battling pancreatic cancer for seven months.  She was diagnosed with cancer in August 2006; by January 2007 the disease had spread to her lungs and liver and throughout her abdomen.

In Memoriam:
Joseph A. Schlatter, Sr.

My father, Joseph A. Schlatter, Sr., died on 29 November 2005.  He was 90.  Dad suffered a stroke on/about 5-6 November; he lost the use of his right arm and leg and the effects of the stroke progressed for three weeks.  He died in his sleep early on the morning of 29 November.  My mother and I were at his side.  Here is his obituary.

In Memoriam:
Zelma Cobb Golden

Rose's mother died on 23 October 2003 after a three-year-long battle with Alzheimer's and the effects of diabetes and colon cancer.

In Memoriam:
Ernest E. Golden, Sr.

Rose's father died in February 1966 from injuries suffered in an automobile accident.


Our 2005 Christmas greetings.


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