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Everyone likes to "discuss" politics; here are some sites to get the discussion going.

Check out these pages before you decide on your candidate for 2000:
House of Crooks --
The Skeleton Page --

The author of this page is a real fan of Rush Limbaugh.

On the other hand, this page puts Rush where be belongs.   What was that about "Flush Rush?"

Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

People for the American Way.

This site features a lot of political links of every description.

Here is another site filled with political links.  The links on this site are all over the spectrum; site also includes links to news service sites.  The headline on the site says it was established in a spirit of bipartisanship -- it is.

One of the most dangerous clowns on the American political scene is Pat Robertson.   He can't be happy over this site.

This site features all sorts of political sites that have been contributed by readers.   There are both mainstream and fringe elements represented here.  Site is not well-organized -- you have to scroll all over to find links.

This link connects to an editorial writer for the Fort-Worth Star Telegram who makes sense.  His column is named "My Turn."

Miscellaneous political sites.

Links to conservative sites.

If you have a favorite political site, e-mail it to me.  I prefer to have links to sites that are collections of links, rather than individual links.  Thanks for your contributions.



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